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As a part of our commitment to educating users, Water Partners continues to provide assistance to all users. Information is a vital ingredient in assisting our members with their water trading decisions. Our knowledgeable staff provide the irrigation community with the most up to date information on trade, entitlement management and the raft of products available to empower irrigators in their decision making.


On farm information

We are out and about working with you directly to understand your business and needs. We sponsor industry groups such as Dairy Business Networks, present at and attended industry forums and conferences and sponsor events relevant to each industry and particular season.

We provide information and encourage all water trading participants to keep up to date with current rules, opportunities and products to ensure the best outcomes.

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Irricon – New Trade Rules update – MAY 2022

Water Partners ran five free events along the Murray from Mildura to Shepparton during May 2022 to inform irrigators about the new trade rules for the 2022/23 season.

Information sessions were presented by Alex Murray, Sarah Ryan and Joe Banks
from DELWP covering Tagged use, Carryover and spill, Goulburn to Murray Trade
review and the Lower Broken Creek.

National Skills Standards for Navigating Australia’s Water Markets Now Published 01/09/2021, 2022 & 2023

Water catchments and systems are a vital resource that need to be preserved and managed for the long-term to support the interests of all Australians. For farmers and irrigators, skills to navigate water markets can help improve farm productivity, provide greater choice and flexibility in business decision-making, and help inform risk management.
Over a 12 month period, industry experts with experience in the water trading sector have participated in a project to develop national VET skills standards for water allocations and entitlements.

Three units and two skills sets were created to capture the practical skills required to trade water and understand the intricacies of Australia’s complex trading market. This will support the next generation of farmers and others with water entitlements to effectively navigate Australia’s various water markets. The new units and skill sets are now published on the national training register (

General Manager Donna Mulcahy endorsed the project stating, “Providing education to irrigation users is a core value for Water Partners, which made this a worthy opportunity to work with you, your team and the other SMEs to produce units which could be utilised across all areas of Irrigated Agriculture. I believe that this will be particularly relevant to both this, and the next generation of young farmers and hope that we may continue to be part of future development.”

Agri Investor – Australian Forum Melbourne 2022

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Panel "Deep dive into the water market

  • The balancing act of profit and social impact 

  • Reducing water wastage + did Australia get the pricing structure right or should we be talking about water offsetting markets?

  • Challenges and opportunities for 2023

Moderator :Donna Mulcahy, General Manager, Water Partners


Guy Kingwill, Country Manager, Australia, Agriculture Capital

Rob Brooks, Cheif Investment Officer, GoFARM Australia

Simon Hone, Director, Australia Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES) Department of Agriculture , Fisheries and Forestry

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