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General Manager

Donna Mulcahy


Business Manager

Kym Ray


Client Specialist

Lawrence Cameron

Peter Costello headshot_edited.jpg

Client Specialist

Peter Costello


Business Support Officer

Debbie McArdle



Paul Weller


Paul is a dairy farmer and a known and trusted community leader. 


Isabella Villani

Independant Director

Isabella Villani was appointed to the Water Partners Board in October 2019 and a member of the Renumeration Committee of Water Partners


Liz Mann


 Liz Mann has 25+ years of experience working in horticulture, including the Australian Processing Tomato Research Council (APTRC) and the Maize Association of Australia and Potatoes Australia Ltd.


Libby Maiuto


Libby has nearly 30 years experience in the horticulture sector


Shareena Pearce

Company Secretary

Shareena is a Goulburn Valley local Chartered Accountant with 20 years’ experience and a passion for assisting small business

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